What is ATF Oil? What is the mission? In Which Part Is It Used?

  What is ATF oil? If you are wondering, you can find the answer to your question in our article. ATF is a kind of oil used in steering systems of automobiles. This oil is also used in automatic transmissions. This oil, also called power steering oil, is very important. A quality ATF oil ensures better, longer lasting power steering and transmission. It can also be used as hydraulic oil for some vehicles. What is ATF Oil and Its Function? What is the function of ATF oil and why should it be used, many people wonder. ATF is a mineral based oil type. It is especially important for steering systems and automatic transmissions. While the gears, which are the mechanical parts of the vehicle, are moving, a friction is generated as a result of this heat. This heat and friction reduces the life of the tool and parts. For this reason, various oils are used to reduce friction. Choosing the right oil is very important for the life of the vehicle. In the use of poor quality oil, the